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About the book

Looking at everything from testing strategies to compilation as a service and how to do really advanced things in runtime; you get a great sense of what you as a developer can do. By taking his personal views and his personal experience, Filip digs into each subject with a personal touch and by having real world problems at hand, we can look at how these problems could be tackled.

No matter if you are an experienced .NET developer, or a beginner, you will most certainly find a lot of interesting things in this book. The book covers important patterns and technologies that any developer would benefit from mastering.

Table of Contents

This is the top-level table of contents for C# Smorgasbord, you can download a PDF-preview of the entire Table of Contents below:

  • Introduction to Parallel Extensions
  • Productivity and Quality with Unit Testing
  • Is upgrading your code a productive step?
  • Creating a challenge out of the trivial tasks
  • Asynchronous programming with async and await
  • Dynamic programming
  • Increase readability with anonymous types and methods
  • Exploring Reflection
  • Creating things at runtime
  • Introducing Roslyn
  • Adapting to Inversion of Control
  • Are you Mocking me?

Inside the book

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