Filip Ekberg

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Filip Ekberg is an enthusiastic developer that strive to learn something new ever day. His greatest passion is programming and ever since Filip was a little boy he has always tried to master it.

During his professional years Filip has started his own buisness SmartIT eSolutions Sweden, worked as a software engineer and as an amanuensis teaching programming.

Filip has a bachelor degree in software engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology. This is also where Filip worked as an amanuensis for a program called "Creative Mobile Development".

Since 2011, Filip works as a software engineer at Star Republic in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he has gotten a lot of inspiration to this book.

In .NET, Filip primarily works with C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.-NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone. For those that have stumbled upon his blog, you have seen his great interest in learning new technologies and sharing his thoughts on the subjects, this has made Filip a DZone Most-Valuable Blogger.

Outside .NET, Filip has also done professional work in both Java and PHP.

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